DR PTFE Release Coatings

RothGreaves DR-95Z, DR-96, and DR-97 coatings are special purpose Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) finishes designed for use in tooling and applications that require a high temperature, durable, non-stick finish.

So smooth you’ll feel the difference, these glass-like finishes are perfect for bonding and molding of thermoplastics, injection molding, adhesive bonding, and any manufacturing tooling requiring a high temperature, easy-release non-stick finish. The superior durability and finish of RothGreaves DR coatings makes them among the best, most reliable release finishes available.


Provides a smooth, consistent surface

Coated tube

Continuous Feed Applications


Quality Control inspected and Maintained

Lab technician

Medical Device Molding Core Pins

Medical device molding core pins

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RothGreaves DR PTFE coatings are used for:

  • Bonding and molding of thermoplastics
  • Injection molding
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Continuous feed (wire on spool) applications
  • Food contact applications
  • Medical device manufacturing

Characteristics of RothGreaves DR Fluoropolymer coatings:

  • Capability to withstand temperatures of 600° F. passes Class VI biocompatibility typical thickness is 0.0003”
  • Excellent adhesion to most metals including stainless steel, tool steel, titanium, aluminium, and Nitinol
  • Resistance to most solvents
  • Can be removed from tooling for recoating
  • Outperforms most other coatings available today
  • Flake free coating

RothGreaves DR PTFE coating colors signify uses:

RothGreaves DR  PTFE Coatings come in three colors. They are most commonly used for medical and manufacturing processing applications, including coated wire, mandrels and anticorrosion coating.


Medium Grey = DR 95


Green = DR 96


Dark Grey = DR 97 Super durable

NOTE: DR finishes DO NOT apply well to copper, brass, or bronze

CAUTION: The finish is cured at an elevated temperature and may cause changes in the properties of certain metals.

Coatings character chart

All of our industrial coating services are backed by our industry leading warranty. RothGreaves & Associates is the exclusive source of manufacture and application of DR-95Z, DR-96, and DR-97 PTFE finishes. DR-95Z, DR-96, DR-97 their formulations and application processes are the exclusive property of RothGreaves & Associates, Inc.

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