7000 Series

Arbor-Puller Coil Winders

These winders wind, cut, and release the finished coils automatically. They practically run themselves!

This model automatically pulls the arbor from the coil before cutting the coil.

This machine’s cascading production process drops the coil into a cut-to- length station before finally depositing the finished coil into a collection tray. This process works especially well with coated wire which might not deliver well through the spindle. This machine keeps the coil free through the entire process and not pushed or pulled.

The EasyWind™ software is simple to understand and quick to set up for automatic operation and includes the multi-pitch, multi-segment and multi-speed programming functions. These coil winders are available in single arbor or double arbor configurations as well as custom lengths. Our custom high-speed spindles and clamping system allow the arbor to be reused for every coil, eliminating the need for a spool of arbor material.

4000 Series
Manual Winders

4500 Series

4800 Series
Space-Saving Bunk Bed Winders

5500 Series
Automated Winders

6000 Series
SideWinder Hybrid Coiler

7000 Series
Arbor PullerWinders

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