RothGreaves Precision Coil Winders

Automatic Coil Winder (80″) General Product Information

135″ length x 35″ width x 38″ height

Power requirements
220 VAC 20Amp Single Phase 50/60Hz

Pneumatic requirements
80 psi @ 5.0 cfm for models without hot air torch

Motor type and size
60 mm brushless servo, 80 mm brushless servo for carriage

Winding speed max
6000 rpm

Drive amp size
400 watt, 750 watt

Controller type
PCI-2 CNC multi-axis servo controller

17″ touch screen monitor and track ball keyboard

Wire tensioning
Electronic (range of sizes available)

Arbor tensioning
Pneumatic (on tail stock)

Chuck size/type
1/8″ Albrecht tailstock, custom collets for spindle

Coil cutter
Pneumatic with side cutting blades

Manual jog controller
Pendant with joy stick operation all axis

Computer Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP

Hot air torch
1200° Fahrenheit maximum

Available Options:

– Electronic spool brakes
(3 oz-in, 11 oz-in, 35 oz-in, 85 oz-in, 140 oz-in)

– Pneumatic arbor tension (20 lbs, 85 lbs, 130 lbs)

– Electronic arbor tension with force feedback (0–10 lbs, 0–25 lbs, 0–50 lbs)

– Arbor dampers (flat faced contact and roller style)

– Heavy-duty wheels with leveling feet

– Multi-Filar spool racks

– Payout angle compensator (with or without protractor)

– Safety light curtain and/or safety covers – On-site training

Manual Coil Winder General Product Information


129″ length x 26″ width x 36″ height

600 lbs (approximately)

Power requirements
208-240VAC single phase 50/60Hz 20amp

Pneumatic requirements
80 psi

Yaskawa servo motors, Yaskawa Sigma V drives

Chuck type/size
3-Jaw precision
(sizes available: 0″–0.125″; 0″–0.250″; 0″–0.375″; 0″

Pitch range
0″ to 1″ with 0.0001″ resolution

Arbor sizes
0.001” to 0.500” (maximum diameter depends on chuck size)

Wire Sizes
0.0005″ to 0.025″ (tensioning system will vary depend- ing on wire size)

Winding Length
102″ chuck to chuck

Wire diameter compensation/back angle control
maximum controlled back angle -25°

Wire tensioning
– Electronic shaft brake with five torque ranges: 0-3 oz.-in; 0–11 oz.-in; 0–35 oz.-in; 0–85 oz.-in; 0–140 oz.-in
– Driven spool with closed loop control: 10 grams minimum; 2500 grams maximum (requires range selection)

Arbor tensioning
– Pneumatic (three sizes): 20 lbs.; 85 lbs.; 130 lbs.
– Force feedback closed loop control: 0–10 lbs.; 0–25 lbs.; 0–50 lbs.

Computer with Windows XP embedded. PCI-2 fully synchronized servo

17″ touch screen monitor and track ball keyboard

RothGreaves EasyWindTM multi-segment multi-pitch recipe software

Hot air torch
1000° Fahrenheit maximum

Safety guarding
Light curtain with three sides guarded