5500 Series

Automatic Coil Winders

Produce high-quality coils for catheters, guidewires, pacing leads, and other specialized medical devices.

Our full-featured automatic coil winders may be the only mandrel winding machine you’ll ever need. These coil winders are capable of repeating the coiling cycle by automatically winding, unloading, and cutting the coil and starting the cycle over again. All of our machines are operated by a CNC servo controller for extreme accuracy and reliability. Our EasyWind software is the most complete multi-pitch, multi-segment, multi-speed coil profiling software available on the market today. EasyWind advanced features have recipe development and full security level control.

Automatic coil winder close up view
Medical grade winder assembly close up
5500 Series Automatic Cutting Station high angle

The Automatic coil winding process operates by forming a coil and then unloading it through a high speed spindle/collet/cutter assembly on one end of the machine. Once the coil is pushed off the mandrel it is automatically cut and the collet closes, then the cycle starts again. These automatic winders are finely built machines capable of repeating coil quality over and over.

The EasyWind™ software is simple to understand and quick to set up for automatic operation and includes the multi-pitch, multi-segment and multi-speed programming functions.

These coil winders are available in single arbor or double arbor configurations as well as custom lengths. Our custom high-speed spindles and clamping system allow the arbor to be reused for every coil, eliminating the need for a spool of arbor material.

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