6000 Series

SideWinder Hybrid Coil Winders

This uniquely configured machine transfers the coil directly to the mandrel— perfect for manufacturing catheters.

Pre-forming a coil is the secret to the RothGreaves direct transfer SideWinder. The coil is first formed on the deflection winder and then transferred to the arbor to finish at the diameter of that arbor.

The transferred coil is formed to match the diameter of the arbor preventing the spring-back of standard arbor-wound coils. This is particularly useful for catheter manufacturing where the coil needs to remain in place for subsequent operations. The tooling for the pre-forming of the coil is specific to the wire profile and size. This coil winder can also be operated as a standard automatic machine as well as a manual load and unload machine making it the most versatile machine in our line of coil winders.

The SideWinder Hybrid runs on our proprietary EasyWind™ software so it’s simple to understand and quick to set up for automatic operation and includes the multi-pitch, multi-segment and multi-speed programming functions.

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SideWinder Hybrid Coiler

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