4800 Series

Bunk-Bed Coil Winders

These space-saving machines are actually two high-precision winders in the footprint of one.

Stacked Bed Coil Winder

Two independent winders make up this stacked configuration, each with it’s own separate controls allowing them to be operated completely independent of each other and/or simultaneously.

This space-saving design allows for easy front access of the coiling process for both upper and lower levels allowing a single operator to efficiently run two machines from the same spot. Force feedback arbor tension and fine wire payout tensioning makes this machine ideal for small diameter wire. Each station is illuminated with LED lighting to aid in operating and viewing process.

Our intuitive EasyWind™ software makes operation simple and quick with its multi-pitch, multi-segment, multi-speed capability for developing complex profiles.

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4800 Series

Space-Saving Bunk Bed Winders

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