4000 Series

Manual Coil Winders

High precision operation at a low cost for medical coils and devices.

Our manual coil winders are a more affordable model designed for easy starting and unloading by an operator. This type of machine is often used for adding wire reinforcement to catheter products. These coil winders are of the same robust design as our automatic winder models and use the same EasyWind software interface. Both machines are capable of multi-pitch coiling with segments as small as 0.010″ in length, and arbor rotation speeds up to 6000 revolutions per minute.

The manual coil winder is a versatile, robust system capable of winding all profiles of wire (round, square, flat, rectangle) in diameters as small as 0.0005” in both metal or plastic. It will also coil coated wire (i.e. DR PTFE Coating, Urethane, Tungsten, Gold). The manual coil winding machine is the perfect machine for transferring reinforcing wire on to catheter devices.

Our intuitive EasyWind™ software makes operation simple and quick with its multi-pitch, multi-segment, multi-speed capability for developing complex profiles with precision winder control.

4000 Series

Manual Coil Winders

4500 Series

Mini Coil Winders

4800 Series

Space-Saving Bunk Bed Coil Winders

5500 Series

Automated Coil Winders

6000 Series

SideWinder Hybrid Coiler

7000 Series

Arbor Puller Winders

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