Precision and Medical Grade Coil Winders

For nearly 20 years RothGreaves & Associates has manufactured the finest, most durable and user friendly coil winding machines on the market. We continue to lead the industry with innovative advancements, developing high performance winders to keep pace with the need of the leaders in the wire product industries. We manufacture highly sophisticated automated coil winders that can run unattended for precise, high volume products and manual winders for the specialized coil needing human attention to produce the most delicate wire profiles needed for the medical and electronic industries.

We manufacture an extensive variety of coil winding machines to handle all of your present and future coiling requirements. RothGreaves standard and custom coil winders offer features like high-rpm motors, electronic spool tensioners, analog pitch compensators, EasyWind Windows™ based software with full CNC coil winding control, multi-filar payout racks, and hot air torches. On-site training is available.

Automatic coil winder close up view

4000 Series
Manual Winders

4500 Series


4800 Series

Space-Saving Bunk Bed Winders

6000 Series

SideWinder Hybrid Coiler

7000 Series

Arbor PullerWinders