Frequently Asked Questions about:

RothGreaves PTFE Release Finish Coatings

Do you have medical grade coatings?

Our coatings are medical grade and biocompatible.


Do you have PTFE coating?

Our focus is providing PTFE coating services.


What tolerances can you hold on medical device wires?

We apply a uniform finish to meet a wide variety of engineered specifications.


What is the longest medical device wire you can coat?

The longest discrete length is 72″. We also provide continuous spool to spool coating services.


What color PTFE’s do you have?

Grey, Green, Blue & Clear.


Can you mask sections of medical device wires?



Can you coat nitinol?



What is your current lead-time?

Our standard lead time is ten business days or less from the time the parts arrive at our facility.


Can I expedite an order?

Yes. Please call if required.


Do you have a set-up charge?

Yes, $150.00 on orders less than 500 pieces.


Can you certify your coating under a certain military spec.?

We provide a Certificate of Compliance for every order based on customer supplied specifications.


Do you price out a job by the square inch, square foot, etc.?

Our price is based on profile and length.


What is your coating thickness?

Average .0003″.


Do you need a print or sketch of the part to obtain a quote?

No, but it is recommended to get a paper quote.


What are the operating temperatures of your coatings?

Up to 600°F.


Can you strip off old coating and re-apply new?


Do you have a quality department?



Can you coat medical device springs?



How do you measure coating thickness?

Our standard method is with a laser micrometer.


What are your payment methods available?

Credit card, cash, wire transfer, check.


Do you take any credit cards?

Yes, Visa & MasterCard.


How do you ship?

UPS ground unless specified by customer.


How should parts be packaged?

Bubble wrap, then tightly secured in the proper box or tube.


Do you have any outside sales or tech people?



Will your coating cover up scratches or blemishes?

Our coating is capable of conforming to complex surface profiles and will cover minor blemishes.


What is normal surface preparation?

We offer several surface preparation options we will work with you to select the one that fits your needs.


What coatings do you offer?

PTFE base coating. What methods of sterilization can be used on medical parts? ETO, Gamma and E-Beam.


Minimum quantity required?

No requirements.


Are you ISO approved?

No, we are not ISO certified although our quality practices allow us to supply coating services to a range of industries.


How late are you open? What are your hours?

Coatings Lab: 7 am – 3 pm Office Hours: 8 am- 5 pm Shipping Department: 7 am-5 pm