General Product Information about:

RothGreaves DR PTFE Release Finishes

General Information

RothGreaves proprietary DR-95Z, DR-96, DR-97, DR-472, and DR-00 finishes are special purpose Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coatings designed for use in applications that require a high temperature, durable, non-stick finish. The finish is applied from a liquid formulation. The cured coating has strong release properties for plastic bonding and molding operations and can withstand heat up to 600°F. The cured finish is biocompatible and has passed USP Class VI testing, making it suitable for use on tools in the manufacture of food contact products and medical devices. The material is applied at a typical thickness of 0.0003” and has excellent adhesion to most metal substrates. RothGreaves DR coatings and the application methods are the property of RothGreaves & Associates, Inc.

Substrate Preparation

To ensure the highest quality finish, careful preparation of the substrate is required. Each part is thoroughly cleaned with a special agent to remove any contamination and to activate the surface for maximum adhesion. Where the highest adhesion is required, a grit blast of the surface with 150-micron media prior to cleaning ensures the best adhesion.

Curing of Finish

DR Finishes require two curing cycles throughout the application process, both at a temperature of 750°F. The high temperature is required to achieve the proper sintering and adhesion. Be aware that elevated temperatures can cause undesirable changes in some metal substrates.

Chemical Resistance

RothGreaves DR coatings are resistant to most solvents; but some strong acids or bases may cause deterioration of the finish.


RothGreaves DR coatings can be reapplied to metal substrates after removal of residual coating. Mechanical methods that include polishing, grit blasting and scraping can be used to remove the finish. However, chemical methods are hazardous and should be avoided.

Material Composition

Product information sheets and SDS are available upon request.